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Correct ground preparation is the most important part of any drive and paving project. Without the proper preparation and materials it will simply sink. This is because the top layer of lock/slab/tarmac will not be properly supported underneath.

Too often, companies offer very cheap block-paving installations, but leave out the sub-base so they can make more profit. It may look good when it is finished, but within a few weeks or months it will sink.

We are meticulous in our ground preparation because we have a reputation to uphold and want you to be satisfied with our work for many years to come. We pride ourselves on our reputation, and as a local company its not in our interest to carry out sub-standard work.

We would normally spend over half of the installation time preparing the ground, digging the foundation, laying the sub grade and sub base, installing drainage if needed, installing any necessary kerbs and walls, and leveling the bedding layer before finally laying the blocks or slabs.

We work hard to ensure that our work is of the highest standard and that we get excellent reviews. Please take time to read our testimonials.


We are a professional, reliable and friendly company. We can undertake all kinds of groundwork including block paving, patio slabs, tarmacadam, brickwork, graveling, fencing and general landscaping. All our work is installed by our paving experts who have many years experience in the hard landscaping industry.

Block paving drives Swindon


Block paving is one of the most popular materials for driveways, it is cost effective, durable and can be laid in many patterns, colours, styles and finishes. It can also be easily maintained, and in cases of stains and damage, individual blocks replaced.

We use high quality concrete block paving  as standard for the driveways we create, which are available is many styles and colours. These products are constructed to the hignhest industry standards and meaning your driveway will look stunning for years. We can install standard blocks, or paving sets, and have the creativity to ensure you have a driveway is the envy of your whole neighborhood. We can also use inlay patterns to really make your driveway stand out.


When installed correctly Tarmac and Gravel is versatile, durable and will last for years and is highly suitable driveways. We can edge areas with bricks to make it stand out, plus add decorative aggregates to give you a highly attractive finish.


Concrete is often overlooked as a potential pavement surface, mostly because of its lack of colour or interest. It is though very hard wearing and very low maintenance. By combining plain concrete with a decorative edging, such as a brick, we can make it look extremely attractive.


Paving Slabs

We have the skills and experience to install any kind of paving slab for patios and garden paths. We always ensure the correct preparation and base to ensure you have no unwanted sinkage. In addition to laying slabs we will always install the correct drainage so you don’t end up with any puddles.

Block Paving

Block paving is very popular for garden paths and patios, it is durable and available in many styles, colours and finishes. We can inlay patterns to make your path or patio really standout.

Tarmac & Gravel Paths

When installed correctly Tarmac and Gravel is versatile, durable and will last for years. It is highly suitable for paths. We can edge areas with bricks to make it stand out, plus add decorative aggregates to give you a highly attractive finish.

Block paving patio swindon
Block paving patio swindon
Block paving Driveway Bricks


All work carried out by Classic Drives and Patios is guaranteed to ensure customer satisfaction.

Offering you a wide range of paving products including, cobbled edges and bespoke designs 

Every driveway/patio is bespoke and created around the customer’s requirements and design ideas.

Take a look at our gallery to see our latest work. 

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We cover these areas, please contact us if your is not shown: Swindon, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Cirencester, Malmesbury, Chippenham, Malborough, Witney, Newbury

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